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How To Store Your Vinyl Record Collection - 4 Simple Steps

How To Store Your Vinyl Record Collection - 4 Simple Steps If you're reading this you are one of two people. Either you have just start collecting records and have hit the "more than I can put on the shelf" limit, or you are a seasoned collector who is looking to lengthen the life of their pride and joy. To...

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New Density Lines

New Density Outer Sleeves Since our signature Density 400 Gauge Outer Sleeves have been immensely popular with our customers, we have taken the decision to expand the density product range to include two new lines. Density Light – At 250 Gauge (62.5 Micron) these outer covers are able to present and protect your vinyl covers in a way that complements...

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How Streaming Is Discovering Hidden Musical Wonders

Algorithmic Experiences

There's no hiding from it, the culture of streaming music is massive. You're more likely to get someone flicking through playlists on their phone than you are someone sitting down with vinyl. The vinyl puritans among us will scream heresey, screeching something about a loss less music experience. But let's face it, it's just easier. Artists and Labels alike have...

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