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How Streaming Is Discovering Hidden Musical Wonders

Algorithmic Experiences

There's no hiding from it, the culture of streaming music is massive. You're more likely to get someone flicking through playlists on their phone than you are someone sitting down with vinyl. The vinyl puritans among us will scream heresey, screeching something about a loss less music experience. But let's face it, it's just easier. Artists and Labels alike have...

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The Great 180 Gram Myth?

Grace any vinyl collectors discussion group and you'll find a few threads on vinyl weight and does it make a huge difference?You'll be hard pressed (excuse the pun) to find a difference between 140 and 180. By the time you get to 140, the rolf harris wobble has gone and it's thick enough to nullify ground vibration distortion. The issue...

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The Music Of Peaky Blinders

Before we start this article, its fair to say that those of you who are yet to watch Peaky Blinders, should either start immediately or be banished to the same realms as those who haven't seen Breaking Bad.  For a series set in the dark and dirty streets of Birmingham's Small Heath, it needs an equally grimy playlist to go...

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