Replacement RCM Supplies Now In Stock

May 29 2020 – Anthony Taylor

Replacement RCM Supplies Now In Stock
Replacement RCM Supplies Now In Stock
We have now sold over 1000 SPINCARE RCMs!

The uptake and feedback regarding the machine has been fantastic. Thank you to all of our customers who have supported us in the development & launch of this product.

We are pleased to announced that we now have the full range of replacement supplies in stock for available dispatch.

Our first batch sold out almost immediately, so apologies if you have been looking for these and haven't been able to order.

The range includes;

SPINCARE RCM Replacement Velvet Brushes

SPINCARE RCM Replacement Rollers

SPINCARE RCM Record Cleaning Solution

We are also adding microfibre cloths in the next few months.


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