Why We Developed The SPINCARE Record Cleaning Machine (RCM)

May 24 2019 – Anthony Taylor

Why We Developed The SPINCARE Record Cleaning Machine (RCM)
Why We Developed The SPINCARE Record Cleaning Machine (RCM)

 The SPINCARE Record Cleaning Machine (RCM) is now available to order.

I developed this machine after getting frustrated with the other manual record cleaning machines available on the market.

One machine left my LPs looking clean and shiny, but left deposits of wet gunge in the grooves of the record. When we played the records, the gunge coated our stylus. The dirtier the record initially, the more gunge ended up on the stylus. By the end of the first side, the stylus was so caked with dirt that the sound quality was significantly affected.

My next machine cost almost twice as much as the first, but didn’t include a drying rack despite using a non-alcohol formula, which took some time to dry. It also didn’t keep the labels dry, so a few of my records ended up with water stained labels.

The actual cleaning was more effective than the first, but I couldn’t help but wonder if we could alleviate the flaws of each machine whilst keeping costs reasonable.

The whole ethos of SPINCARE since our inception has been to create effective vinyl care products that are keenly priced and deliver as much value to the customer as possible.

In this case, we have delivered a record cleaning machine for £49.95 that I feel is more than a match for any machine up to £100.

It comes supplied with a record washing basin, drying rack, velvet brush inserts, 2 microfibre cloths, 2 x 8oz cleaning solution, 2 brush rollers and step-by-step instructions. There are enough supplies to clean approximately 500 records and replacement supplies will shortly be available to order from our website.

It won’t match the speed or effectiveness of a machine like the Pro-Ject VCS Record Cleaning Machine, but that costs over six times as much. Our RCM is ideal to clean 5-25 records per cleaning session, so if you’re looking to do large numbers, it makes economic sense to consider a powered machine.

If not, then the SPINCARE RCM offers a big step up in performance over cloth/spray based cleaning products whilst keeping a very keen price.

The machine is available for £39.95 for a limited time only.
This price is exclusive to our store: you won’t see it anywhere else.

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  • Roy Hartwell: October 28, 2019
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    Bought your machine and working through my collection (still growing !!) The growth is through second-hand vinyl which i’m cleaning before first use hence your machine.
    Are you going to be supplying extra cleaner concentrate and replacement velvet pads in the near future.



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