A Guide To Our New Vinyl Sleeves

November 07 2017 – Thomas Christie

A Guide To Our New Vinyl Sleeves
A Guide To Our New Vinyl Sleeves

SPINCARE's New Branding and Products

How To Choose The Correct Sleeves For Your Needs

As we brush off some of the cobwebs that have settled on this site over the past months, we are happy to announce our new range of products! In the past, we must admit that our product titles may have been a bit confusing...

"Ultra-premium super mega vinyl record lp sleeves" doesn't exactly instil confidence in the family member who you've asked to buy you vinyl sleeves for Christmas. 

A quick browse through our catalogue will reveal our new branded packaging as well as the new product titles. So we have created this handy guide for you, so you can make the best product choice for your needs. 

SPINCARE Dynamic Inner Sleeves:

These were previously known as "SpinCare Premium". The sleeves themselves haven't changed, they are still the well known and liked Inner Sleeve that has become our bread and butter. These are available in 7" and 12" sizes for vinyl and our newest addition being a 4" size for Audio CD Digibooks. These sleeves are made from high-quality HDPE which offers strong and good antistatic protection for your vinyl or CD inside their cardboard sleeves. A common comment from customers is that they like the robust nature of these sleeves, as they are unlikely to bunch up and are very easy to slide into cardboard sleeves. Available in packs of 50 or 100. 

  • Robust
  • Anti-static
  • Audio CD Digibook, 7" Vinyl and 12" Vinyl sizes available.

SPINCARE Clarity Outer Sleeves (Slim & Gatefold):

We have decided to produce two types of these clear, resealable blake outer sleeves. Slim and Gatefold, their purposes are what it says on the tin. Keep the Slim sleeves for single LP's and the Gatefold ones for... well... gatefold covers. Your LP cover's artwork won't be obscured either. Made from super clear, acid-free BOPP (Biaxially oriented polypropylene) plastic.The sealing strip is reusable, so open that cover and play that record as many times as you like! 

  • Resealable
  • Clear
  • Acid-free BOPP Plastic

SPINCARE Density Outer Sleeves:

The heavyweights of SPINCARE, these 400-gauge, 100 micron thick outer sleeves will offer the highest level of protection to your LP covers. The heavy gauge and thick nature of these sleeves mean that you can fit a lot in them, from single LPs to quadruple gatefolds, the Density sleeve will protect them all. 

  • Heavy Gauge
  • Can fit large gatefold covers
  • Virtually Indestructible 




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