Vinyl Passion Dust Buster - Stylus Cleaner & Preserver Polymer Gel

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SPINCARE are proud to announce that we have been appointed as the exclusive rights holder of the best selling and award winning Vinyl Passion Dust Buster.

Anthony Taylor, founder & Managing Director of SPINCARE had the following to say;

"I have known Mark Sears, owner of Vinyl Passion and inventor of the dust buster, for many years. I was lucky enough to try one of the very first Dust Busters, and I have had one on my turntable ever since. It is quite simply the best stylus cleaning product I have ever used. It offers a convenient, simple and highly effective cleaning process. A stylus cleaning brush removes the dust you can see, the Dust Buster removes what you can't, giving you a microscopically clean stylus. It also avoids the need for cleaning liquids, which adds further complexity, time and potential risk to the cleaning process if they are not used with precision.

We will be refreshing the branding and packaging of the VP Dust Buster in the coming months now it has joined the SPINCARE fold, and look forward to introducing the product to our customer base Worldwide.

Product Information

Don't let dust, grime or dirt get in the way when listening to your favourite vinyl records! The Vinyl Passion Dust Buster safely removes all residue from your stylus which not only extends it's life by up to 1000 hours but significantly improves the quality of audio playback. It is also very easy to use - simply lower the stylus into the surface of the specially formulated polymer and it will be left perfectly clean for your next listen. Unlike other cleaning methods, no alcohol based liquids or cleaning brushes are needed!

All record collectors will know the importance of keeping Vinyl clean to preserve the recording but even more important is the cleaning of the Stylus. The Vinyl Passion dust buster offers a low cost yet incredibly incredible way of removing any dirt or debris from your vinyl. If you have not used this product before, then you will be shocked at just how dirty your stylus may be. Not only does dirt and grime reduce the quality of audio playback, it also increases the life of your stylus considerably.

Includes - Vinyl Passion Dust Buster (with acrylic container and screw top lid), Instructions