Spin Care Professional Anti-Static Record Cleaning Brush Arm

Spin Care Professional Anti-Static Record Cleaning Brush Arm

Cleaning Arm

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The ""Spin Care Professional Anti-Static Record Cleaning Arm"" is a very well engineered
vinyl record cleaning system. Simply install it to your record player and it will clean your
vinyls as they play. The carbon fibre brush at the end of the arm removes static charge from the vinyl record whilst cleaning dust from the grooves. 

Cleans records as you play. Unlike a handheld vinyl brush cleaner, this does require a small amount of setup. 

Requires installation, guide included.

How to install:

  1. Find a good position from which the arm can clean all of one side of the vinyl whilst not obstructing rotation.
  2. Plug the earth wire into your grounding screw and into the base of the arm.
  3. Remove adhesive backing on the base and stick the base where you would like it to sit.
  4. Place the arm on the base, set the correct height.
  5. Set the rear weight so that it counter balances the brush.
  6. Once counter balanced, move the front weight so that the brush bristles are touching the vinyl and slightly bent.
  7. Play vinyl and enjoy