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Vinyl Resting Place

As covered in our previous blog posts, vinyl sales have been on the rise year on year. New studies reveal that a whopping 48% of people who buy their vinyl records never get around to actually listening to them (and 7% don’t even have record players!). So, this begs the question, what are they doing with all this unplayed vinyl?
I’m sure everyone knows that one person who has a dust gathering pile of old vinyl somewhere which has never and will never be played. But do not despair, here’s a list of some uses for your old vinyl (some more unconventional than others).
1. Wall clock
This will ensure that anyone who comes to your house knows that you want them to know you’re ageing and are making a desperate attempt to appear young again. Best paired with tacky inspirational quote posters.

2. Throwing at Zombies
If Shaun of the Dead taught us anything, it’s that in the event of the zombie apocalypse you can lob copies of New Order’s Blue Monday or Dire Straits at the approaching horde of the undead.

3. Digging yourself deeper into debt
As the price of a new Ed Sheeran is roughly the same as the cost of 2 months of Spotify, where you can listen to pretty much every piece of music ever made. You better make sure you have the wallet for your vinyl hoarding.

4. Actually playing them
Whacky and unorthodox I know, but get yourself a decent player and get that music playing the way it was supposed to. With a bit of elbow grease and the right cleaning products, you can restore most vinyl.

If you’re one of these hoarders, please get in touch and let us know why you’re buying all this vinyl!

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