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The Great 180 Gram Myth?

Grace any vinyl collectors discussion group and you'll find a few threads on vinyl weight and does it make a huge difference?

You'll be hard pressed (excuse the pun) to find a difference between 140 and 180. By the time you get to 140, the rolf harris wobble has gone and it's thick enough to nullify ground vibration distortion.
The issue we find is that there is a difference between 1970s 180g and modern 180g. Back then, to manufacture vinyl at a heavier weight required longer production times. This extra time usually meant that the whole production process was generally of a higher quality as there was more time taken. Since cost, and technical expertise, are no longer determining factors, this has opened the door for almost any label, good or bad, big or small, to press heavyweight vinyl records. With the added bonus that "180 Gram Vinyl" is usually perceived by consumers as higher quality, specifically higher sound quality.

Don't let the 180 Gram sticker alone put you off buying a great LP... but also, don't let it alone be the major deciding factor when buying a record. It's not magic, but it's not to be dismissed as "gimmick" because there are in fact many benefits to heavyweight vinyl pressings when that is part of a bigger picture of quality manufacture that includes quality mastering from the best sources to achieve a result that is a better product in all areas.

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