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Kscope Announce Vinyl Reissues of Porcupine Trees Deadwing & In Absentia Albums

If you are a fan of Porcupine Tree, then you probably have two questions (according to social media, at least)

  1. When are Porcupine Tree getting back together again? 
  2. When is Deadwing being repressed on vinyl? 

If you have come here looking for the answer to question number 1, then prepare to be disappointed, at least for the time being.

Steven Wilson is absolutely flying solo at the moment, and apparently has no plans to return to the Porcupine Tree fold for the forseeable future.

We can, however, pass on the fantastic news from Kscope that not only is Deadwing being repressed on vinyl, but In Absentia is as well.

The double re-release makes sense as both of Porcupine Tree's 7th and 8th studio albums have been out of print on vinyl for years.

This will be welcome news to analogue loving tree fans, as copies of both albums have been changing hands for significant sums.

Deadwing, in particular, has become a seriously sought after collector's item, with copies changing hands for up to several hundred pounds.

I personally own and cherish a copy of In Absentia on vinyl (released on marbled vinyl, complete with a spot varnished sleeve).

Unfortunately, I was never able to get a copy of Deadwing on vinyl.

I hadn't been introduced to PT when it was released on the Gates Of Dawn label, and it hasn't been seen since.

So, I was naturally delighted to hear that Deadwing AND In Absentia was receiving a reissue in early 2018 via Kscope records.

Kscope already holds the rights to most of the PT catalogue, so they are a natural home for the remaining ones.

The albums are being released on both coloured (Deadwing clear, In Absentia white) and regular black vinyl.

The black vinyl will be widely available, however, if you want the coloured vinyl, you'll need to pre-order from Burning Shed.

Expect to pay a couple of pounds more for the limited editions over the regular black, but given the desirability of Steven Wilson / PT releases, this is possibly a good investment.

It will be interesting to see how prices for the original releases change when these reissues hit the shelves.

That will depend on how many of those buyers are looking for a genuine original pressing, and how many just want to hear their favourite tree albums on the best format out there.

You can read the original announcement from Kscope here.

Pre-order the limited edition vinyl from Burning Shed.

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