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Grass Roots Democracy On Vinyl

The Warner Music Group have rather discreetly announced their unveiling of a new vinyl label. The new label called “Run Out Groove” has been launched with a grassroots concept at its core. Each month, music fans will have a chance to vote what album they want to see pressed. Unfortunately, it’s not all freedom and love, you have to choose from a predetermined group of three. Nevertheless, this democratic principle should guarantee monthly new releases of previously unavailable music on vinyl. Billy Fields, VP of sales in WEA working with Warner Music Group has stated: “We are crowd-sourcing niche but in-demand selections from our vast vault”.

When the voting has finished and the music chosen to be pressed is decided upon, fans will have a 30-day period where they will be able to pre-order copies before its release. The people have already chosen their first release, Echo & The Bunnymen’s It’s All Live Now. With the next choices being between Solomon Burke’s Best of Atlantic Soul, Golden Smog’s Down By The Old Mainstream and Secret Machine’s Now Here is Nowhere.

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