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Budget Beats for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, the nation’s sons and daughters scramble to find the right gift for their well-deserving mums. But what many of them may not know yet, is that even discount supermarket chains are now stocking turntables at very reasonable prices.
As the supermarket price war expands to new frontiers, Aldi and Lidl have burst into the vinyl scene. With Lidl having released their £50 turntable last year, capable of converting vinyl to digital. Aldi has now come out with their own retro-styled turntable for £60 which looks remarkably like the Crosley Bermuda Dansette, but £100 cheaper.

In addition to this, we are seeing other retailers like Sainsbury's steadily increasing their instore vinyl stock
Aldi’s Bauhn Dansette player has a three-speed playback, built-in stereo speakers and an RCA line out. For what is an essentially full suite capable of delivering good quality sound, with a trendy vintage look and that price tag, we have no questions.
A perfect gift for those with mothers whose record collection is gathering dust in the attic. Make sure to pair it with some vinyl cleaning accessories, otherwise, the storage dirt from long unplayed vinyl could potentially damage your new player.


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